Up2Somethin’, based out of Rochester, New York,  will bring many years of experience to your wedding reception and/or cocktail hour.  In addition to the seven piece band, an Emcee/DJ is provided for the entire evening, for prior-to-the-band-start-time and band breaks.  This provides for a “no break in the action, and no reason to leave the dance floor” approach to the evening.

Up2Somethin’ can also provide soloists, duos or trios for your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner hour or rehearsal party.  We can provide just about anything as it pertains to musical entertainment.

With performing, literally, thousands of weddings and events over the past 30 years, this group of musicians have established themselves as a very sought after group of players and singers.

Up2Somethin’ is comprised of the top musicians in the western New York area.  A must see and hear!!!

Evyn Grassl-vocals
Rickey Ellis-bass and vocals
Ron Waterbury-trumpet and vocals
Pete Merlo-keyboards and vocals
Mike Reed-drums and percussion
Bill Tiberio-saxaphone
Joe Chiappone-guitars

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