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Igniting Rhythms Since 2010

Get Ready to Move and Groove!

Meet Up2Somethin’, the electrifying 7-piece band hailing from the vibrant musical scene of Rochester, NY. With a passion for funky dance music that transcends decades, we’ve been setting stages ablaze for 12 incredible years.

Musical Time Capsule: From 70’s Funk to Today’s Hits

Our repertoire is a kaleidoscope of top 40 funky hits, spanning the funky beats of the 70s to the chart-toppers of today. Up2Somethin’ guarantees a sonic journey that resonates with generations, ensuring that every audience member finds their groove.

Deep Pockets, Unmatched Groove

Deep within the heartbeat of Up2Somethin’ lies a rhythm section with pockets so deep, they’re practically a groove reservoir. Anchored by a powerhouse drummer and a bassist, guitarist and keyboard player,  who locks into the rhythm like a musical locksmith, our deep pocket rhythm section ensures that every beat is not just heard but felt.

Unleashing the Power of Vocals

Fronted by a dynamic female vocalist, our harmonies are the icing on the cake. Their powerhouse performances elevate each song, creating an irresistible energy that captivates audiences.

Blazing Horn Section: Where Brass Meets Sass

The heart and soul of Up2Somethin’ lie in our smokin’ horn section. Their brass prowess adds an extra layer of funk, transforming every performance into an unforgettable, horn-fueled extravaganza.

Unmatched Soloists: Turns Up the Heat

To top it all off, the Up2Somethin’ soloists raises the roof with creativity and energy that take songs out of this universe.

High-Octane Performances: More Than Music, It’s an Experience

We aren’t just a band; we’re an experience. Up2Somethin’ is synonymous with high-energy performances that leave audiences breathless. Our mission? To pack the dance floor from the first note until the last encore.

Western NY and Beyond: Spreading the Funk Far and Wide

While our roots are in Rochester, we’ve taken our infectious groove to venues across Western New York. From weddings and corporate events to festivals and clubs, Up2Somethin’ turns every occasion into a dance-filled celebration.

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Here is a sample of the band live at a recent wedding. Let us know what you think!

Interested in hearing a demo? Click Here. up2somethin.com/demo